Building Inspections Adelaide

Why You Should Carry Out Building Inspections In Adelaide

When buying or selling a property in Adelaide, it’s always crucial that you carry out a comprehensive inspection before investing in it. Most people opt to skip this while it’s an essential step of the buying process.

For instance, if you are a first-time buyer, you might fail to notice certain features when buying your first property. Without a detailed building inspection in Adelaide, you might end up purchasing a home that is not safe to live in or one that you might need to perform extensive maintenance to.

With comprehensive building inspections Adelaide, the seller also is confident that he or she is selling a property that is in good condition. It will also help you negotiate the price with a buyer because you know the state of the property.

Building Inspections Adelaide

We Provide Comprehensive Building Inspections For Adelaide Properties

If you are buying or selling a property, you can count on BPI Adelaide for comprehensive building inspections Adelaide. We provide high quality and prompt pre-purchase, pre-sale building, and timber pest detailed inspection services for all our clients.

We have a team of experienced inspectors on board

We pride ourselves on having more than 40 years of experience in this industry. Our experts have carried out over 12,000 pre-purchase building and pest inspections in Adelaide. We can also assure that all of our inspectors have the required insurance and licensing to carry out building inspections.

BPI Adelaide – Book Us For Comprehensive Building Inspections Today

Apart from providing excellent customer service, we also deliver prompt and comprehensive reports for all our clients. We’ll organise and inspect the building as soon as we can and send out the report to you via your email within three to four hours of the building inspections in Adelaide.

What will the reports contain?

We believe that building inspections in Adelaide should be honest and unbiased. Therefore, our inspectors will present truthful information about the state of the property.

We’ll inspect the roof void and exterior, the site, interior, and subfloor as long as it’s accessible. If it’s not, our building inspectors will find a safe way to access the area.

Since we want you to make an informed decision, our reports will clearly explain our findings. We’ll also back up the information with photos and our recommendations. If you have any questions, our building inspectors will be happy to explain everything over a phone call, anytime.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Building inspections

  • Property declaration schedules

  • Staged and handover inspections

  • Project management services

  • Development management services

Contact us on 1800 609 065 to enquire more about our building inspections services in Adelaide today. We will also provide a free quote over the phone. Our team cannot wait to hear from you.



Quality Assured Company

Adelaide’s First and only Quality Assured Company in pre purchase building & pest inspections.

This gives the customer peace of mind knowing BPI Adelaide will carry out the inspection and delivery of reports to the customer in the most professional and timely manner.

Adelaide’s Most Trusted & Experienced

BPI Adelaide is South Australia’s first ‘Quality Assured & Endorsed’ building & pest inspection company, QEC 24744.

BPI Adelaide has conducted over 12,000 Pre Purchase Building & Pest Inspections in Adelaide and has over 30 years of experience in the building industry.


Unbiased & Properly Qualified

We offer unbiased honest information about the state of the property and we do not engage in extra services by offering our tradies for a fee.

Inspections should be unbiased with no other reason but to present the information honestly and unbiased for the customer to make an informed decision.

Our Competitive Pricing Guarantee

Pricing is dependent on service provided, however BPI provides very competitive pricing with service and experience you can rely on.