Pest Inspection Adelaide

Gain Peace Of Mind With Thorough Pest Inspection Adelaide

Buying a property is one of the most significant investments you can ever make. Nonetheless, your dream investment could be home to pests such as termites, which ultimately hurt its foundations, and your investment. If you didn’t know, repairing pest damages can cost you thousands of dollars; this is something no one would like to experience.

Hence, it’s always crucial for you to carry out a comprehensive pest inspection in Adelaide to avoid such tragedies. 

The pest inspection expert will help you find pest hideouts, establish past infestation, and recommend some of the best solutions you can apply. Talk to BPI Adelaide today if you’d like to carry out a pest inspection Adelaide for your dream property.

Pest inspection Adelaide

Work With Experienced Pest Inspectors In Adelaide

During pest inspections in Adelaide, it’s always good to work with experts in this field. BPI Adelaide prides itself in providing you with experienced inspectors who have more than 40 years in this industry. Additionally, our expert inspectors have the necessary licensing and insurance. That’s why we’ve been able to conduct more than 12,000 pre-purchase inspections in Adelaide.

We’ll provide a detailed report

Our expert inspectors always provide unbiased and honest information on our reports. We’ll inspect all areas of the property, including roofs, as long as it’s safe and accessible. The report should highlight findings and recommendations on how to prevent future pest attacks on the property.

We have all the tools needed for inspections

During pest inspections in Adelaide, our well-trained professionals will use modern tools to track pests’ presence. These tools include thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters to detect moisture and damp sections within the property. 

BPI Adelaide – We Organise Pest Inspections With Promptness

Once you contact our customer service team via phone or email, we’ll ask you to give all the details needed for your pest inspections in Adelaide. We’ll then provide upfront pricing depending on the services you need.

We’ll then organise the inspection on your behalf, depending on ownership of the property, will contact the agent, owner or tenants to arrange a time. Most of our inspections take a maximum of two hours, depending on the size of the property. Once we complete it, our inspectors will provide the report on the same day. If choose not to attend the site following the inspection, we will explain our findings on a phone call whenever you are available.

Do you provide building inspections?

Yes, in fact, if you need us to help you with the building inspections, we can conduct them with pest inspections in Adelaide at the same time.

Contact us on 1800 609 065 if you’d like to enquire about our pest inspections and the other services we offer in Adelaide. Our customer service team cannot wait to hear from you.



Quality Assured Company

Adelaide’s First and only Quality Assured Company in pre purchase building & pest inspections.

This gives the customer peace of mind knowing BPI Adelaide will carry out the inspection and delivery of reports to the customer in the most professional and timely manner.

Adelaide’s Most Trusted & Experienced

BPI Adelaide is South Australia’s first ‘Quality Assured & Endorsed’ building & pest inspection company, QEC 24744.

BPI Adelaide has conducted over 12,000 Pre Purchase Building & Pest Inspections in Adelaide and has over 30 years of experience in the building industry.


Unbiased & Properly Qualified

We offer unbiased honest information about the state of the property and we do not engage in extra services by offering our tradies for a fee.

Inspections should be unbiased with no other reason but to present the information honestly and unbiased for the customer to make an informed decision.

Our Competitive Pricing Guarantee

Pricing is dependent on service provided, however BPI provides very competitive pricing with service and experience you can rely on.