Pre Purchase House Inspection Adelaide

BPI Adelaide – The Name You Can Rely On

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of pre-purchase house inspection in Adelaide. BPI Adelaide has been working in the area for over 40 years and successfully conducted 12,000+ inspections. The reason people put their trust in us is that we were among the first entrants in the industry.

We have a qualified team that understand house inspections. We don’t want you to face the ordeal of a pest infected house after you have bought it. Let us help you inspect the house thoroughly so you can be prepared in advance. This is how a pre-purchase house inspection in Adelaide can help you save some money.

We carry out all our inspections professionally and in accordance with Australian standards. The thorough inspections are then written down on the final report alongside professional advice, which has allowed hundreds of clients to make professional decisions.

Pre Purchase House Inspection Adelaide

What Can We Do For You When It Comes To Pre-Purchase House Inspection Adelaide?

You might be wondering what a pre-purchase house inspection in Adelaide includes. Well, we provide an all-round service where we cover every single important aspect. Our comprehensive list of house inspection services that you can choose from include:

1. Building & Pest Inspections

  • Building Inspections
  • Pest Inspections

2. Asbestos Inspections

  • Asbestos products
  • Sources of Asbestos
  • Uses of Asbestos
  • History of Asbestos
  • Asbestos in the community

3. Asbestos & Mould Inspections

  • Mould inspections

4. Staged and Handover Inspections

  • Building handover inspections

5. Property Depreciation Schedules

  • Property tax depreciation reports

All our pre-purchase house inspection services in Adelaide have proved to be beneficial for the thousands of clients who have availed them over the years. It is time for you to make use of them if you are getting yourself a new house.

Why Us Over Others?

BPI Adelaide was one of the first inspection companies in Australia. More importantly, we were one of the first who understood the importance of pre-purchase house inspection in Adelaide. As a result, we bring you professional inspectors and services.

Pre Purchase House Inspection Adelaide

Our Inspectors:

  • Have the knowledge, expertise and experience to put them to practice
  • Qualifications and official certifications to carry out inspections
  • Decades of experience in the industry
  • Professional, reliable and trustworthy
  • The choice of thousands of people in Adelaide

Our Specialisation:

  • Available on short notice so you can rely on us
  • A combinationof building and pest inspection
  • Quick inspection report turnaround
  • Detailed, thorough and visualised reports that are easy to interpret
  • Free professional consultation

Have you finalised purchasing a new home? Wait before making the payment and get a pre-purchase house inspection in Adelaide. Our professionals might be able to point out what you couldn’t see. Maybe you will end up with a better deal!



Quality Assured Company

Adelaide’s First and only Quality Assured Company in pre purchase building & pest inspections.

This gives the customer peace of mind knowing BPI Adelaide will carry out the inspection and delivery of reports to the customer in the most professional and timely manner.

Adelaide’s Most Trusted & Experienced

BPI Adelaide is South Australia’s first ‘Quality Assured & Endorsed’ building & pest inspection company, QEC 24744.

BPI Adelaide has conducted over 12,000 Pre Purchase Building & Pest Inspections in Adelaide and has over 30 years of experience in the building industry.


Unbiased & Properly Qualified

We offer unbiased honest information about the state of the property and we do not engage in extra services by offering our tradies for a fee.

Inspections should be unbiased with no other reason but to present the information honestly and unbiased for the customer to make an informed decision.

Our Competitive Pricing Guarantee

Pricing is dependent on service provided, however BPI provides very competitive pricing with service and experience you can rely on.