Staged Building Inspections Adelaide

BPI Adelaide For Your Build Inspections

BPI Adelaide is a trustworthy name when it comes to staged building inspections Adelaide. If you have finally decided to build a new home or give your old one a new look, don’t just rely on the construction company. There is a possibility your project supervisor is not giving your building process its due attention.

BPI Adelaide’s services, including staged building inspections in Adelaide, have been professionally designed. This means that our services cover the most important aspects of the inspection. More importantly, we don’t waste resources by using inspection tactics and tools where they are needed. For instance, we have devised different plans for both buildings and home inspections as they both have different inspection requirements.

Whether you have a building process going on or are looking to purchase a new home, BPI Adelaide can do the job for you. We keep our clients in the loop by sticking by their side throughout the project.

Staged Building Inspections Adelaide

5 Step Staged Building Inspections Adelaide

Our staged building inspections in Adelaide are based on five different stages. To make it convenient and affordable for our customers, we offer the choice to select either all the five-building stage inspections or the ones our customers believe are important. These include:

1. Base Stage

Immediately before slab pour and includes slab pour.

2. Frame Stage

When the frame is complete but before internal wall linings

3. Lock-Up Stage

When external windows and doors are installed, including waterproofing compliance.

4. Pre-Painting Stage

When construction is complete, including cabinetry, but before painting.

5. Handover or Practical Completion

Is a very detailed inspection conducted once the builder is satisfied and that the construction process is complete after a final clean has been undertaken.

We encourage all our client to opt for all stages of our staged building inspections in Adelaide. However, if we feel there is no need for a stage or multiple stages for your project, our experts will inform you in due time.

Staged Building Inspections Adelaide

Why Choose Us

Recently there have been many new companies providing staged building inspections in Adelaide. But they don’t have what we have.

Official License

People have started to take home inspections lightly. We believe that for your own safety, you only choose inspectors who are licensed. Being in the industry for such a long time, we have one of the oldest licenses. Our experts follow all Australian standards when conducting inspections to ensure optimal results.


Experience matters when it comes to staged building inspections in Adelaide. We have been in the business for as long as we can remember. Being one of the first companies in Australia to enter the industry, we take pride in claiming that our services are some of the finest.

Your home construction or renovations are as important to us as they are to you. Since you have already taken the decision to go forward with the big step, it only makes sense to get staged building inspections in Adelaide from the best. Call us on 1800 609 065.



Quality Assured Company

Adelaide’s First and only Quality Assured Company in pre purchase building & pest inspections.

This gives the customer peace of mind knowing BPI Adelaide will carry out the inspection and delivery of reports to the customer in the most professional and timely manner.

Adelaide’s Most Trusted & Experienced

BPI Adelaide is South Australia’s first ‘Quality Assured & Endorsed’ building & pest inspection company, QEC 24744.

BPI Adelaide has conducted over 12,000 Pre Purchase Building & Pest Inspections in Adelaide and has over 30 years of experience in the building industry.


Unbiased & Properly Qualified

We offer unbiased honest information about the state of the property and we do not engage in extra services by offering our tradies for a fee.

Inspections should be unbiased with no other reason but to present the information honestly and unbiased for the customer to make an informed decision.

Our Competitive Pricing Guarantee

Pricing is dependent on service provided, however BPI provides very competitive pricing with service and experience you can rely on.