Staged Building Inspections Adelaide by BPI Adelaide

When it comes to building or renovating, regular inspections throughout the process can save you valuable time, money, and headaches. With our staged building inspections, you can ensure that your new construction in Adelaide is compliant, flawlessly built, and meets your expectations. How our staged building inspection process works: 

Stage 1: Slab / Foundation Check 

The foundation of your building is crucial, and we make sure it’s done according to the drainage plan and project specifications. During this stage, our inspectors will verify: 

  • Slab orientation and dimensions.
  • Plumbing locations.
  • Vapour barrier installation.
  • Finished floor level in relation to the temporary benchmark.
  • Surface level tolerance.
  • Set downs and rebates.
  • Compliance with general requirements of AS2870-2011. 


Stage 2: Roof and Frame Assessment 

The roof and wall frame form the structure of your house. We thoroughly inspect it to ensure it meets the necessary standards. Our inspectors will assess:

  • Roof and wall bracing for stability.
  • Adequate tie-down fixings.
  • Room sizes and wall framing alignment.
  • Roof framing alignment with the layout and requirements of AS4440-2004.
  • Wall framing alignment with the layout and requirements of AS1684-2010.
Staged Building Inspections Adelaide

Stage 3: Exterior Cladding Evaluation 

Proper installation of external cladding is essential for the aesthetics, ventilation, and weatherproofing of your home. During this stage, our inspectors will review:

  • Adherence to masonry tolerances as per AS3700-2018 and AS4773-2015.
  • Compliance with the local bushfire attack level requirements.
  • Manufacturers’ specifications for alternative wall cladding systems.
  • Compliance with Building Code of Australia for tile and metal roof cladding.
  • Installation of external services according to working drawings.
  • The correct installation of damp course.
  • Presence of weep holes and wall vents.
  • Compliance with brick tie installation standards.
  • Articulation joint location
Staged Building Inspections Adelaide

Stage 4: Interior Fit Out and Waterproofing Compliance

Compliance to waterproofing is crucial for the long term integrity of your home.Our inspectors will assess:

  • Application of waterproofing membrane, including dry film thickness.
  • Installation of internal dry wall linings
  • Joinery installation.
  • Wet area waterproofing compliance with the Building Code of Australia and AS3740-2010.
  • External waterproofing compliance with the Building Code of Australia and AS4654.2-2012.


Stage 5: Handover or Practical Completion Review 

The final inspection stage is a very detailed inspection conducted once the builder is satisfied that the construction process is complete after a final clean has been undertaken.

Our inspectors will check:

  • Doors and windows.
  • Landscaping
  • Internal and external paint work
  • Wet area tiling quality.
  • Appliances
  • Fittings and fixtures in wet areas.
  • Ceramic tiling inside and outside.
  • Floor coverings.

Your home construction or renovations are as important to us as they are to you. Since you have already taken the decision to go forward with the big step, it only makes sense to get a staged building inspection from BPI Adelaide. Call us on 1800 609 065.



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