Expert Building Inspections in Glenunga

In the midst of a property transaction in Glenunga? Ensure peace of mind by booking a detailed building inspection with BPI Adelaide. Reach us at 1800 609 065 or click here for your comprehensive property assessment.

Stephen Sentschuk - Building inspector at BPI Adelaide

Introducing Stephen Sentschuk – Professional Inspector at BPI Adelaide

Covering every area of Adelaide, including Glenunga, our BPI Building and Pest Inspections are fully insured and licensed, backed by over 30 years of experience in the building industry and more than 12,000 pre-purchase inspections.


Our Comprehensive Inspection Services:

    • In-depth Pre-Purchase Inspections for Glenunga Properties.
    • Targeted Pre-Sale Evaluations in Glenunga.
    • Specialized Pre-Auction Checks in Glenunga.
    • Property Inspection Services in Glenunga.
    • Dedicated Pest Inspection Solutions in Glenunga.
    • Property Condition Reports for Glenunga.
    • Detailed Pest Analysis for Glenunga Homes.
    • Combined Building and Pest Reports in Glenunga.
    • Timely 24-hour Report Turnaround Guarantee.

Book your inspection today by calling us at 1800 609 065.

Meet Stephen Sentschuk: Your Expert at BPI Adelaide

Stephen Sentschuk, our esteemed Building and Pest Inspector, brings over 30 years of rich experience in the construction industry to BPI Adelaide. His meticulous approach and dedication to excellence have earned him high acclaim. An HIA award-winning builder, Stephen is well-versed in a variety of construction types. His credentials include a builder’s license number BLD 53 533 and a full Pest Management Technician’s License.

Advantages of Working with BPI Adelaide

BPI Adelaide is dedicated to offering factual, unbiased insights about your property. We refrain from additional fee-based services to maintain our focus on delivering straightforward, impartial information, aiding your decision-making process.

BPI Adelaide’s Additional Offerings:

  • Rapid Report Delivery within 24 Hours.
  • Support from a Nationally Recognized Brand.
  • Dual Inspection Expertise – Building and Pest.
  • Complete Independence for Unbiased Assessments.
  • Thorough Inspections for Both Pre-Purchase and Existing Homes.
  • Fully Certified, Trained & Insured Services.
  • Same-Day Email Report Delivery.
  • Utilization of Advanced Thermal Imaging Technology.
  • Detailed and Reader-Friendly Reports.
  • Commitment to Outstanding Customer Service.
  • Extensive Inspection Techniques.
  • Concise, Clear Reporting.
  • Professional Consultation and Advice.


Extended Services: New Build, Handover Inspections, and Strata Reports

In addition to standard building inspections, BPI Adelaide offers new build and handover inspections, staged inspections, and detailed strata reports, focusing on safety, maintenance, and warranty aspects.

For comprehensive inspection services including pre-purchase evaluations, pre-sale assessments, and thorough pest inspections, trust BPI Adelaide. Our commitment to quality and prompt service meets all client needs.

Contact us at 1800 609 065 or for more details.