Hindmarsh Property Inspection Services

Engaged in a property transaction in Hindmarsh? Ensure your home or investment is in top condition by scheduling a comprehensive inspection with BPI Adelaide. Contact us at 1800 609 065 or visit our website to book your inspection today.

Stephen Sentschuk - Building inspector at BPI Adelaide

Meet Stephen Sentschuk – Skilled Inspector at BPI Adelaide

BPI Adelaide, covering all Adelaide areas including Hindmarsh, provides fully insured and licensed building and pest inspections. With over three decades in the building industry and 12,000+ pre-purchase inspections, our expertise is unmatched.


Explore Our Range of Services:

    • Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Inspections in Hindmarsh.
    • Detailed Pre-Sale Assessments in Hindmarsh.
    • In-depth Pre-Auction Reviews in Hindmarsh.
    • Expert Building Evaluations in Hindmarsh.
    • Specialised Pest Detection in Hindmarsh.
    • Accurate Building Reports for Hindmarsh Properties.
    • Detailed Pest Analysis in Hindmarsh.
    • Integrated Building & Pest Documentation for Hindmarsh.
    • Guaranteed 24-hour Turnaround for All Reports.

To schedule your inspection, reach us today at 1800 609 065.


Introducing Your Inspector: Stephen Sentschuk of BPI Adelaide

Stephen Sentschuk, a seasoned Building and Pest Inspector at BPI Adelaide, offers a wealth of experience with over 30 years in the building sector. Recognized for his thoroughness and dedication, Stephen is a HIA award-winning professional skilled in residential and commercial construction. His building license is BLD 53 533, and he also possesses a comprehensive Pest Management Technician’s license.


Choosing BPI Adelaide: Your Trusted Inspection Partner

Dedicated to integrity, BPI Adelaide provides objective and factual insights about your property’s condition. We maintain a policy of not engaging in additional paid services, ensuring our evaluations are completely unbiased and focused on giving you the information you need for informed decisions.


Additional Offerings from BPI Adelaide:

  • Swift 24-hour Report Delivery.
  • Support of a Renowned Australia-wide Brand.
  • Unified Building and Pest Inspection Service.
  • Total Independence and Objectivity.
  • Inspections for Pre-Purchase and Existing Homes.
  • Certified, Qualified, and Insured Expertise.
  • Email Delivery of Reports on Inspection Day.
  • Advanced Thermal Imaging in All Inspections.
  • Comprehensive, User-Friendly Reports.
  • Exceptional Customer Service Commitment.
  • In-depth Inspection Processes.
  • Clear and Detailed Reporting.
  • Expert Consultation and Advice.


Comprehensive Staged, Handover Inspections & Strata Reports Also Available

Beyond traditional building inspections, BPI Adelaide extends its services to include new construction and handover inspections, staged evaluations, and thorough strata reports covering safety, maintenance, and statutory warranty aspects.

Trust BPI Adelaide for all your inspection needs, from pre-purchase reviews to detailed timber pest inspections. Our prompt and professional services cater to all client requirements.

Contact us at 1800 609 065 or email southaustralia@bpic.com.au for more information.