Property Inspection Services in Torrensville

Navigating Torrensville’s property landscape? Whether you’re buying, selling, or simply evaluating your home, connect with BPI Adelaide immediately at 1800 609 065 for comprehensive building and pest evaluations.

Stephen Sentschuk - Building inspector at BPI Adelaide

Expert Inspector Stephen Sentschuk at BPI Adelaide

Expertise in building and pest assessments throughout Adelaide, including Torrensville, is a hallmark of BPI Adelaide. Boasting over 30 years in the construction field and over 12,000 pre-purchase evaluations, our team is licensed, insured, and committed to exceptional service.


Our Service Spectrum:

  1. Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Evaluations in Torrensville.
  2. Detailed Pre-Sale Assessments in Torrensville.
  3. Thorough Pre-Auction Reviews in Torrensville.
  4. In-Depth Building Investigations in Torrensville.
  5. Pest Detection Services in Torrensville.
  6. Detailed Building Reports from Torrensville.
  7. Pest Analysis Reports in Torrensville.
  8. Combined Building and Pest Documentation in Torrensville.

We promise report delivery within a day. Schedule your inspection by calling us at 1800 609 065 today.


Introducing Stephen Sentschuk, Your Inspector at BPI Adelaide:

Stephen Sentschuk is at the forefront of our building and pest inspection team at BPI Adelaide. His three-decade tenure in construction brings unparalleled skill and insight. His meticulous approach ensures thorough service quality. As an HIA-recognized builder, Stephen’s broad knowledge spans residential and commercial construction. His builder’s license is BLD 53 533, and he holds a Pest Management Technician license.


Why Opt for BPI Adelaide?

BPI Adelaide excels with a four-stage inspection package during home construction, covering pre-slab, frame, waterproofing, and final handover checks. We customize our services for your specific requirements, aiming for prompt issue resolution and smooth construction. Benefits of choosing BPI Adelaide include:

  1. Rapid 24-hour report delivery.
  2. Backing of the BPI national network.
  3. Unified inspections for building and pest issues.
  4. Independence from external influences.
  5. Diverse inspection types, including pre-purchase and existing homes.
  6. Fully credentialed and insured services.
  7. Email delivery of reports on inspection day.
  8. Advanced thermal imaging technology in all inspections.
  9. Comprehensive, readable reports.
  10. Dedicated customer service excellence.
  11. In-depth inspections.
  12. Precise, clear reporting.
  13. Professional advice and guidance.


At BPI Adelaide, our commitment is to provide objective, thorough insights into your property’s condition. We maintain a strict policy against offering trade services for extra fees to ensure unbiased evaluations. Our service scope also includes extensive strata reports, which cover safety, maintenance, and warranty aspects with easy-to-understand content and visual aids.

Contact us via email at, or phone 1800 609 065. For mobile queries, reach us at 0417 762 584.